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1Energy : Basics and Various Sources10.02.17 03:02 am18.08.18 12:08 pm931Read Here
2Non Conventional Sources of Energy : Basics, Advantages, Disadvantages and Challenges10.03.14 04:03 am18.08.18 01:08 am6677Read Here
3Present Scenario and Future Prospects of Renewable Source12.02.17 05:02 am19.08.18 10:08 am593Read Here
4Economical considerations of Renewable Sources of Energy14.02.17 03:02 am18.08.18 07:08 am655Read Here
5Connecting Voltmeter, Ammeter and Watt Meter in a circuit01.12.09 09:12 am20.08.18 07:08 am17024Read Here
6Power Crises in India : Its cause and Solutions10.04.12 07:04 am20.08.18 02:08 am9091Read Here
7Series v/s Parallel Electric Circuit : Resistance Calculation23.03.13 07:03 pm18.08.18 06:08 am1066Read Here
8Why only Electrical Energy : Basics and Advantages of Electrical Energy22.11.09 08:11 am20.08.18 07:08 am548Read Here
9Electrical Charge: Definition, Basics, Types and Properties.22.11.09 11:11 am16.08.18 01:08 am681Read Here
10Electrical Transformers : Basics and Working22.11.09 02:11 am20.08.18 07:08 am823Read Here
11Faraday's Law of Electro-Magnetic Induction (Faradays EMI Law)23.11.09 07:11 am20.08.18 02:08 am875Read Here
12Biot-Savart Law : Force Calculation23.11.09 07:11 am19.08.18 10:08 am366Read Here
13D.C. Machines : Basics, Operating Modes & Applications23.11.09 09:11 am20.08.18 07:08 am2581Read Here
14Capacitor Calculation for Power Factor Improvement 23.11.09 11:11 am20.08.18 07:08 am1990Read Here
15Types of D. C. Machines01.12.09 09:12 am20.08.18 01:08 am7093Read Here
16Construction and Working of D. C. Machines01.12.09 09:12 am20.08.18 07:08 am18488Read Here
17Speed control of A D. C. Machine/Motor01.12.09 09:12 am16.08.18 01:08 am1440Read Here
18Introduction to Synchronous Machines01.12.09 11:12 am20.08.18 04:08 am1742Read Here
19Energy Meter: Basics and Connection in a Circuit11.03.18 02:03 pm20.08.18 07:08 am395Read Here
20Constructional Features of Synchronous Machines01.12.09 11:12 am20.08.18 03:08 am4653Read Here
21Types of Synchronous Machines02.12.09 07:12 am18.08.18 12:08 pm3748Read Here
22Working of Transformer : - Technical Aspects16.01.10 08:01 am19.08.18 02:08 am3039Read Here
23Synchronous machines - Applications, Advantages and Disadvantages02.01.10 09:01 am20.08.18 07:08 am41459Read Here
24Induction Machines - Basics and Classifications03.07.10 12:07 pm18.08.18 12:08 pm4427Read Here
25Linear Induction Motor : Working, Application and Construction11.07.10 01:07 am20.08.18 07:08 am18043Read Here
26Losses in DC Machines13.01.11 07:01 am20.08.18 07:08 am18637Read Here
27Power System Stabilty : Basic Concepts and Important Terms10.05.11 03:05 pm18.08.18 09:08 am2590Read Here
28Insulating Material - Properties, Importance and Examples | Insulation - Backbone of Electrical Machines17.08.12 06:08 am17.08.18 12:08 pm5524Read Here
29Construction of SCR(Thyristor) | SCR Internal Arrangement12.08.12 04:08 pm18.08.18 12:08 pm2475Read Here
30SCR : Construction, Working and V-I characterstics - Detailed18.10.13 08:10 am18.08.18 09:08 am1849Read Here
31Thyristor (SCR) - Protection Methods and Technologies11.08.12 07:08 am19.08.18 08:08 am4079Read Here
32Dielectric Material, Dielectric strength, Dielectric loss and loss angle01.01.13 04:01 pm16.08.18 02:08 am3609Read Here
33Traction System : Meaning, Types and characteristics of an ideal traction system09.01.13 01:01 pm19.08.18 05:08 am4131Read Here
34Double Revolving Field Theory - 1Φ Induction Motor Theory15.01.13 09:01 am18.08.18 07:08 am5127Read Here
35Magnetic Materials : Classifications, Types and Important Terms12.01.13 04:01 pm16.08.18 02:08 am3095Read Here
36Induction Machines : Advantages and Applications22.01.13 08:01 pm18.08.18 12:08 pm4700Read Here
37Constructional Features of Induction Machines : Stator Construction29.01.13 06:01 pm20.08.18 04:08 am3551Read Here
38Constructional Features of Induction Machines : Rotor Construction29.01.13 07:01 pm19.08.18 08:08 am2140Read Here
39Electric Accidents and safety measures against Electric Shock05.02.13 09:02 am19.08.18 04:08 am1325Read Here
40Main causes of Electric Shock or Electric Accident13.02.13 09:02 am18.08.18 10:08 am709Read Here
41Treatment of Electric Shock or Electric Accident13.02.13 02:02 pm16.08.18 02:08 am780Read Here
42Need of Transmission of Electric Power - Technical Aspects02.03.13 11:03 am18.08.18 05:08 am569Read Here
43Role of Transformer in Transmission System : Technical Aspects02.03.13 11:03 am18.08.18 09:08 am1139Read Here
44Underground Cable : Definition, Basics Terms and Construction19.02.13 07:02 am19.08.18 05:08 am4404Read Here
45Classification of Underground Cables19.02.13 01:02 pm19.08.18 08:08 am6223Read Here
46Overview of Energy Management and Energy Conservation22.03.18 03:03 am20.08.18 07:08 am281Read Here
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I'm Sunil Saharan, An Electrical Engineer by chance and a Web developer by choice. I love HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap and PHP off course. This site is my effort to share my little knowlege with the world.

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Anger Leads To Illusion, The Intellect Is Troubled By The Illusion, When The Intellect Is Anxious, Then The Logic Is Destroyed, When The Logic Is Destroyed Then The Person Gets Crushed.

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