Overview of Energy Management and Energy Conservation

Written On Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 At 03:52:21 am By Sunil Saharan
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This article explains energy management and energy conservation. It highlights the need of energy conservation in present world. It also compares energy conservation and energy management.

Energy is something that makes us able to do work or in other words life is not possible without energy. This makes it the most important thing to be taken care of. The first thing that comes to our mind about energy sources and production is nothing but the law of conservation of energy. It states
Energy Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed
. Now if energy can neither be created nor be destroyed than how do we get energy for various works. Its simple "Energy can not be created but it can be converted from one form to another form. We have seen that Electrical Energy can be easily converted to other forms. Now in case of Electrical energy our sources of electrical energy like thermal power plant, hydro power plant etc. are growing at a moderate rate but the demand of electrical energy is growing very fast. In such case we have to either accept electrical power shut-down or have to conserve and manage electrical energy in such a way that it gives maximum utilization factor.

Energy Management

Energy management refers to the simple meaning of managing various energy consumption point to produce more output for same input or same output for less input. Here out focus is on the improvement in the efficiency of the system. Energy management is the process taken into account while the system is being designed. It is a well planned, in order systematic approach that takes installation of machines, energy saving during operations and power flow from one place to another in the system into account. It also use of energy in a skilled and planned manner to meet the requirements with maximum possible efficiency considering environmental and financial benefits on priority

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is a bit different from energy management. In energy conservation we try to save energy without affecting the output of the system. Energy conservation is about taking as less energy in the system as possible for proper functioning of the system.

Energy Management v/s Energy Conservation

As stated above their is a technical difference between energy management and energy conservation. In case of energy management the output of the system is enhanced and efficiency of the system is improved by taking various measures including technical up-gradation, fine tuning and more energy efficient machines while in case of energy conservation our prime consideration is saving of energy without affecting the working of the system.

Need of Energy Management and Energy Conservation

In present world our demand of energy is rising sharply but our conventional sources are depleting fast. Our non-conventional sources are not able to fill the gap between energy demand and supply. in such a scenario energy conservation and management is our only hope. Without energy saving we have to face energy shortage or energy crisis. This will affect our growth and balance of energy in the society which may further lead to tension among energy surplus and energy deficit geographical areas which is not a good sigh for modern world. To avoid such problems we have to conserve energy and should utilize it with proper planning and management.
Energy saved is energy produced.

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