Power Crises in India : Its cause and Solutions

Written On Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 At 07:26:42 am By Sunil Saharan
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This article put light on the current problems of power shortage in India and it its possible solutions.

India is one among the fastest developing countries which is facing the critical problem of power crises or energy crises. We all know that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but still people says that we are short of energy. The question itself seems worthless that if energy is constant how can we overcome the problem. In actual world when we speak about the energy then we refer to the energy that humans can use. In all available energies we talk about the electrical energy. In my article Advantages of Electrical Energy I discusses why we prefer Electrical Energy so much but that is secondary thing. Here we will talk about energy crises.

What is Energy Crises

When we talk about crises it is something similar to shortage of something which is very critical. In energy the shortage of Electrical energy is termed as energy crises. No doubt energy in other forms like Wind, solar and many other forms is available but it is difficult to use them directly so if electrical energy is not in the order which is required it is termed as Energy crises.

Reasons Behind Energy Crises

There are several reasons behind the energy crises or shortage of electrical energy in India. Some of very crucial factors are being discussed here :
  • Sharp Increase in Demand : Being a fast developing country the number of industries and other sector power demand is increased very rapidly. The number of companies are multiplying each year and the power demand is increasing very fast. This is the most serious matter to match production of electricity with the demand.
  • Poor Utilization of Electrical Equipments : Apart from insufficient power supply the power which is being supplies is not utilized properly. Around 30-40% power is wasted due to low power factor and this is very important point to be considered because if we can save that 30 % we have to produce less electricity as that wastage can serve the purpose.
  • High Transmission Losses : In India the efficiency of electrical equipments used in Power transmission and distribution like transformers and other equipments is very poor as compare to developed countries. So here is a chance to save power.
  • Power Theft : The biggest thread to the economy of nation is the theft of its resources. Due to importance of power, it is considered as one among the crucial resource but this is stolen by some people and this has to be stopped.
  • Delay in Commissioning of Power Project : Due to non availability of funds power project are delayed in India and sometimes some political problems are also faced. This delays the project and hence increases the supply vs demand ratio.
  • Shortage of Coal : Coal is not available at power generating locations like thermal power plants on time and this delays the power generation.
  • Faulty Planning and Plant Outages : The planning in Indian power industry is of 20 years behind the time. People in industry are planning what developed countries planned 20 years ago.

How to Overcome Energy Crises

To overcome the energy crises we have to do common efforts. Only one person can't neutralize the blunders of millions of peoples. We all have to give our best possible to save energy only than India can shine. Here are some suggestions :
  • Save Energy : Energy saved is the energy produced. So we all should take care of this and should save as much power as we can. Never say this is not my duty to save electricity. Yes, it is your duty and it is duty of 125 crore peoples to save energy for another 125 crore peoples.
  • Use Efficient Equipments : My friends, BIS has given star rating to devices. More star less power consumption. So always consider power saving of the device while buying a new electrical equipment. It matters and matters too much.
  • Pay for what you use : If you are using government electricity and are not paying for it then you are a criminal. The fact is that from the money earned from selling electricity is utilized in setting up new power projects and if you stole it, it means you are a barrier in national development.
  • Always check your power factor : Mostly due to motors and other similar loads our power factor in not unity. It increases the current and hence wastage. You can save power by increasing your power factor near unity.
I hope you understand the theme of this article and will help the nation to grow up.

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